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    How to support someone after they break up with their vape

    Here’s how some ended their relationship with their vape and how you can be there for someone who is looking to do the same.

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    Vaping prevention and quit resources: top tips for parents and schools

    Here are free resources that exist to help prevent youth e-cigarette use and help those already vaping quit.

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    A key to successfully quit smoking and stay quit

    There’s a key to successfully quitting that isn’t well known: celebrating the work you’ve done to become tobacco-free.

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    More than half of young people consider quitting vaping in 2022, new survey finds

    For the third year in a row, quitting vaping is still top of mind for many young people entering into the new year.

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    Smoking rates decline steeply in teens in 2021

    Youth smoking dropped to an all-time low in 2021, representing a colossal win for public health initiatives tackling smoking in young people, including those

  7. New Truth Initiative report shows troubling use of tobacco imagery in tv shows, movies and music videos most popular among youth as e-cigarette epidemic persists

    While You Were Streaming: Nicotine on Demand is the fourth annual report from Truth Initiative that monitors tobacco imagery across the most popular streamin

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    Our History

    Truth Initiative is fighting to end one of the toughest, largest and most critical public health battles of our time — and it’s working. We’ve helped bring down teen cigarette use from 23% in 2000 to less than 3% in 2021. Explore our history.

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    As streaming soars, these binge-worthy shows frequently depict tobacco

    Watching shows in a compressed time may influence the amount and intensity of exposure.

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    Nicotine on demand

    Tobacco remains rampant in the year’s most popular shows, movies, and music videos, fueling the ongoing youth e-cigarette epidemic.

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    Smoking in Movies: 2020

    Tobacco imagery in youth-rated movies still exists.

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