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  1. New Truth Initiative Study Finds That E-Cigarette Use Increases Odds of Youth Using Cigars, Little Cigars or Cigarillos (CLCCS)

    According to a new study, young people 15-21 who use e-cigarettes or ever used JUUL have over 3x higher odds of initiating use of cigars, little cigars or ci

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    Vaping more than triples odds that young people will use little cigars and other combustible tobacco products

    New Truth Initiative research becomes the first to link e-cigarette and future cigar use.

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    truth campaign proven to drive down smoking rates across different demographic groups

    A new Truth Initiative study found that the truth campaign has been effective and relevant for a broad audience of young people.

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    Local restrictions on flavored tobacco and e-cigarette products

    This resource presents a quarterly breakdown on the current state of U.S. jurisdictions with policies on flavored tobacco and e-cigarette products.

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  7. 2020 Annual Report

    We are pleased to share the significant progress we made in 2020, detailed in this report: Creating a future free from smoking, vaping, and nicotine.

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    New study: truth campaign effective in shifting knowledge and attitudes about vaping

    A new study is the first to show that young people who had seen truth® vaping prevention campaigns were more likely to have accurate e-cigarette knowledge.

  9. Our Team

    Anna M. Spriggs

    Anna Spriggs has been a key player in the success of Truth Initiative from the beginning, joining the organization as its second employee in 1999 and establi