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    E-cigarette one page infographic

  2. National Public and Minority Health Organizations Launch Stop the Influence, a Pledge Campaign to Reject Big Tobacco and Vape Money

    A call to organizations to sign a pledge to reject funding from or any form or partnership with companies that sell any tobacco or vaping products.

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  4. Truth Initiative and Kaiser Permanente, in Collaboration with the American Heart Association and Everfi, Named 2021 Halo Award Winners

    Truth Initiative and Kaiser Permanente, in collaboration with the American Heart Association and EVERFI, have been named the winners of a 2021 Silver Halo Aw

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    JUUL spends more than double on corporate responsibility advertisements compared to youth prevention efforts

    A new study highlights the tobacco industry’s efforts to overhaul its reputation as it recruits a new generation of tobacco users.

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    4 ways the tobacco industry is attempting to rebrand itself

    Breaking down tobacco industry tactics and the conflict of interest between the tobacco industry and public health.

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    Quit smoking and vaping tools

    Here's the truth: Quitting nicotine isn't easy, but it can be done with the right support. We know because we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people stop using tobacco through proven-effective treatments and innovative and interactive tools. So if you or a loved one is ready to quit, there’s no better time than now.

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    The American public’s opinion of Big Tobacco

    In partnership with Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Truth Initiative conducted a national survey of registered voters ages 18 and older about their views of

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    Thank you

    Thank you for registering. We look forward to having you join us on June 10th at 12:30pm EST for the discussion.

  10. Youth Vaping Prevention & Resources to Quit

    To educate America’s students about the health dangers of e-cigarette use and reverse the pervasive youth vaping epidemic, Truth Initiative and Kaiser Permanente in collaboration with the American Heart Association, have launched a national youth vaping prevention curriculum called Vaping: Know the truth. This free digital learning experience is being developed as part of Truth Initiative’s nationally recognized truth campaign and will be made available to schools by leading social impact education innovator, EVERFI.

    In addition to encouraging students to live vape-free lives, this self-led interactive-curriculum offers resources to help young people who are currently using e-cigarettes to quit through truth’s first-of-its-kind text message youth quit vaping program called This is Quitting already helping over 300,000 youth and young adults on their journeys to quit.

    In Vaping: Know the truth students will learn to:

    • Recognize the physiological and psychological properties of nicotine
    • Recognize the health risks associated with using e-cigarettes due to their chemical ingredients and delivery mechanism
    • Recognize that they are empowered to make healthy and informed choices, and to help others make those choices
    • And much more! Download Course Overview

    Course Topics:

    Lesson One: Know
    Lesson One
    This lesson introduces learners to the activity of vaping, invites them to reflect on their awareness and knowledge of the topic, covers a brief history of tobacco and nicotine use, and covers the ingredients present in common e-cigarettes.
    Lesson Two: Uncover
    Lesson Two
    This lesson confronts learners with the hard facts about e-cigarette companies’ marketing and advertising tactics, and debunks myths about the safety of vaping and its risks relative to smoking.
    Lesson Three: Overcome
    Lesson Three
    This lesson challenges learners to consider the dangers of nicotine addiction, reinforces addiction as a primary danger of vaping, and lays the framework for quitting.
    Lesson Four: Change
    Lesson Four
    This lesson examines positive social norms that sit opposite of vaping: self-care and quitting. It looks to refocus learners' energy on alternative behaviors while reinforcing the dangerous truths about vaping.
    Recommended Grade Levels:
    Total Time
    Vaping: Know the truth is a new course created by Truth Initiative and Kaiser Permanente, in collaboration with the American Heart Association, on vaping prevention and resources to quit made available at no cost to students and teachers.

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    Youth discuss the impact of FDA’s failure to regulate e-cigarettes

    Listen to four young people describe the impact of the failure to fully regulate e-cigarettes in their own words, and questions they have for public leaders.