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    COVID-19: the connection to smoking and vaping, and resources for quitting

    Those who smoke or vape e-cigarettes may be especially concerned about COVID-19 because it attacks the lungs and could be a particularly serious threat to to

  2. FDA Review of E-Cigarettes Is As Critical as Ever – Any Delay Related to COVID-19 Must Be Brief

    FDA review is critical due to skyrocketing youth use of e-cigarettes and concerns that smoking and vaping may increase risk of severe complications from COVI

  3. Federal court orders FDA to quickly implement graphic cigarette warnings as mandated by law

    A federal court has ordered the FDA to quickly issue a final rule requiring graphic health warnings on cigarette packs and advertising, as mandated by the To

  4. truth and Girl Scouts to take on environmental tobacco pollution

    The new “Earth Defenders” program aims to empower girls and create a new generation of activists

  5. Health groups urge FDA to block sale of illegal JUUL-like e-cigarettes

    The FDA should to stop the sale of new e-cigarettes similar to JUUL that have been illegally introduced without the agency’s prior review and authorization.<

  6. Smoke-free housing to protect millions from the dangers of secondhand smoke to take effect July 31

    A smoke-free policy goes into effect at all federal public housing units on July 31, 2018, thanks to a U.S.

  7. Young People Celebrate What Quitting Vaping Means to Them in New truth® #ThisIsQuitting TikTok Challenge

    As momentum around quitting e-cigarettes mounts, truth is inspiring young vapers to get creative with a TikTok challenge and an innovative resource to quit.<

  8. The harmful impact of further delays in the FDA’s e-cigarette review

    Any extension should be brief, and tobacco companies cannot be allowed to use this public health emergency to continue avoiding their legal obligation.