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  1. Television, Print and Social Ad Campaign Calls on President Trump to Put Kids’ Lives Above Tobacco Industry Profits

    Public health advocates urge administration to issue guidance prohibiting all flavored e-cigarettes.

  2. Research Article Research Article Research & Resources

    How would smokers respond to cigarettes with less nicotine?

    62% of adult smokers said they’d quit if the FDA issued a rule limiting the level of nicotine in cigarettes, according to a new Truth Initiative study.

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    E-cigarette one page infographic

  4. Truth Initiative® Awards First-Ever truth IMPACT Scholarships for Speaking Out About the Youth Vaping Epidemic

    Truth Initiative announced today that Ally Harrison of Baytown, Texas and Carlos Magdaleno of Santa Ana, California are the inaugural winners of the truth Im

  5. Fact Sheet Fact Sheet Research & Resources

    E-cigarettes: Facts, stats and regulations

    What is an e-cigarette? How much nicotine is in an e-cigarette? Are e-cigarettes as harmful as cigarettes?