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Where we stand: Hookah

Truth Initiative’s mission is to achieve a culture where all youth and young adults reject tobacco. Consistent with Truth Initiative’s vision of a future where tobacco is a thing of the past, we support the following policies with regard to hookah:

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  • Given their well-documented appeal to youth, all flavors (including menthol) should be eliminated from hookah and related products.
  • The marketing of hookah products should be restricted so that it does not target or appeal to youth.
  • Sales of hookah products and entry to hookah bars and similar establishments should be limited to those 21 and older.
  • Internet and other non-face-to-face sales of hookah products should be prohibited.
  • Hookah use should be covered by smoke-free laws and requirements with no exceptions for “hookah bars”.
  • Hookah products should carry appropriate health warning labels.
  • We support taxation proportional to the harms of each type of tobacco product (e.g., cigarette, hookah) to discourage use of the most harmful products. As a highly harmful combustible tobacco product, hookah should be taxed at a significantly higher rate than less harmful tobacco products.
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