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Quiz: How many frightening facts about tobacco do you know?

When it comes to tobacco, there are a lot of tricks and no treats for people’s health.

The U.S. Surgeon General reported in 2004 that smoking harms nearly every organ in the human body, and the negative effects of tobacco use go beyond health problems. This Halloween, test your knowledge of scary tobacco facts, and then join us in the fight to make tobacco use a thing of the past.*

(1) Cigarette smoke is a toxic brew containing multiple poisons, including this one used to kill rats.

(2) This ingredient, typically used to preserve dead animals (and humans, too), is found in cigarettes.

(3) Smoking can cause the premature onset of these two physical traits. (Hint: These traits are common among the scariest witches.)

(4) There are more than ___ chemicals in cigarettes. (A) 5,000; (B) 6,000; (C) 7,000.

(5) Cigarettes aren’t the only dangerous combustible tobacco products. For example, smoking hookah for one hour can be equal to inhaling the amount of smoke from this many cigarettes. (A) 10; (B) 100; (C) 50.

(6) The number one cause of fire deaths in the U.S. is (A) jack-o-lanterns; (B) fireworks; (C) cigarettes and other smoking materials; (D) birthday candles.

(7) Tobacco use harms bones by ___ bone density.



Check your answers here!


*Beware: While these facts are horrifying, research shows scare tactics are not always effective prevention strategies.