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Effective tobacco control policies and practices must be grounded in truth. The Truth Initiative Schroeder Institute uses rigorous science to gain insight on the most effective paths to reduce tobacco use. We measure the effectiveness of interventions and spread best practices to practitioners. This work has established Truth Initiative’s researchers as leaders in the development of regulatory policies that effectively reduce tobacco-related death and disease.

Since the launch of the first national truth® ads, we have used rigorous science to inform the development and assess the outcomes of our prevention and cessation work. Our team helps build campaigns and design interventions that effectively influence knowledge, attitudes and beliefs among our target audiences, and they tell us how we are doing every step of the way. 

A variety of disciplines, including health education and behavior, epidemiology, statistics and sociology, and strong partnerships with internal and external collaborators support our work. Our efforts focus on three areas: 

  • Understanding the public’s response to anti-tobacco campaigns and using mass media to reduce tobacco use
  • Identifying the factors that influence why and how youth and young adults initiate and continue to use tobacco
  • Investigating tobacco-related disparities to understand the influence of tobacco policies on the low-income and minority populations more likely to smoke and more vulnerable to tobacco-related health consequences.

Our Researchers

Our senior researchers publish regularly in peer reviewed scientific journals. We encourage you to find out more about them and their published work.

Tobacco Documents Library

Millions of documents from tobacco industry files that were once secret are now available for use in research and policy study through the Truth Tobacco Documents Library. The documents created by U.S. tobacco companies span more than a century and cover operations central to the tobacco industry such as marketing, research and development, cigarette analysis and design, and efforts to establish business in developing countries.

The vast collection of documents is housed at the Library and Center for Knowledge Management at the University of California, San Francisco. Users can search for industry memos, presentations and other documents and collect results in a digital book bag that can be downloaded or emailed. 


Are you interested in taking part in research on tobacco use and tobacco control, or do you know someone who is? We conduct research on quitting, staying quit and tobacco products. Check out to see if we have a project that fits you or someone you know.

Conflict of Interest

Truth Initiative has adopted a conflict of interest policy that you can view here.