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Stay up to date on the latest statements, announcements and press releases from Truth Initiative. For media inquiries and information, contact us at [email protected] or 202-454-5561.

Press Release

HUD final rule on smoke-free housing will protect millions from the dangers of secondhand smoke

The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) final rule announced today, requiring each agency...

Press Release

Young people take back the shelves and demand that pharmacies stop selling tobacco products

Pharmacies are a trusted source of health information and services. Yet in 2016, more than...

Press Release

On the deceptive marketing of Natural American Spirit cigarettes

We commend Breathe DC for filing a lawsuit in the DC Superior Court to hold...

Press Release

Cigarette smoking has declined but population disparities among populations are cause for concern

It is terrific news that the results of the National Health Interview Survey, released today...

Press Release

Washington task force includes tobacco prevention and control in cancer moonshot recommendation

By including tobacco control and primary prevention in the Washington task force recommendations for the...

Press Release

Summer truth tour takes on tobacco use with one goal: Finish smoking for good

School’s out, summer is here - which means a crew of truth® “tour riders” are...

Press Release

Teens stop #CATmageddon; Enlist pets to send their message to Big Tobacco

truth®, one of the largest and most successful national youth tobacco prevention campaigns, is asking...

Press Release

US high schooler cigarette use is at historic low while nearly a quarter reported using e-cigarettes

It is terrific news that the results of the 2015 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey...

Press Release

Progress ending youth tobacco use stalled - National Youth Tobacco Survey 2015

Truth Initiative CEO Robin Koval responds to new data in the NYTS 2015.

Press Release

National public health org brings on women’s health and wellbeing leader

Truth Initiative has brought on a veteran of the reproductive health, education and advocacy arena...

Press Release

Truth Campaign snags 2 Ogilvy Awards

truth® won two Advertising Research Foundation David Ogilvy Awards for its truth campaign inspiring youth...

Press Release

Study shows graphic cigarette warnings trigger brain areas key to quitting smoking

Viewing graphic anti-smoking images on cigarette packs triggers activity in brain areas involved in emotion...