States where CVS quit selling cigarettes saw reductions in smoking

Ending Tobacco Sales at CVS Led to Statewide Smoking Reductions

From Bloomberg Business

CVS Health Corp.’s move a year ago to give up tobacco seems to be helping some smokers stop or cut back as well.

In a study, researchers at the company found small but statistically significant reductions in total cigarette purchases in states where the company has a large presence and ended tobacco sales at its stores, according to the researchers.

CVS quit selling tobacco products last September as part of a business decision to focus broadly on health care. The company’s analysis looked at cigarette sales in the following eight months. In 13 states where CVS had significant market share among drugstores, statewide cigarette sales declined 1 percent, compared with three states where CVS doesn’t have stores, the analysis found. Other pharmacies and convenience stores haven’t followed CVS’s decision to end tobacco sales.

our take

CVS shows you can do right on tobacco while doing well. And they’ve been consistent, leaving the U.S. Chamber because of its overseas work helping Big Tobacco.
Robin Koval
CEO and President