From The Washington Post

The Massachusetts Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday to raise the minimum age for purchasing cigarettes and other tobacco products across the state, which could make it the second to raise its threshold to 21 years old.

The higher age is already in effect in Boston and more than 100 other cities and towns, covering about half the state’s population.

The bill, which moves to the House after being approved on a 32-2 vote, also sets new regulations for electronic cigarettes including a ban on vaping in places where smoking is otherwise prohibited. It would also ban the sale of tobacco in pharmacies and other health care facilities.

our take

There’s an impressive amount of energy around tobacco control policy at the state and local levels. We are eagerly watching developments in Massachusetts as their state Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill filled with policies ranging from following Hawaii’s lead by raising the statewide minimum age of sale for tobacco to 21 to banning the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies and health care facilities.
Robin Koval
CEO and President