From The Desert Sun

Smokers in California used to paying some of the lowest cigarette taxes in the nation may be in for a disappointing 2016.

And higher prices may be just the beginning. This year, along with moves to make smokers pay $2 extra per pack, anti-tobacco advocates and lawmakers continue to push initiatives in Sacramento that among other things would raise the state’s smoking age to 21 and regulate e-cigarettes the same as other tobacco products.

The measures saw some support last year but stalled before overcoming the final steps needed to send them to Gov. Jerry Brown. With the state Legislature back to work this month, supporters hope that lost momentum will return.

our take

2016 could be the year California recaptures a seat at the head of the class when it comes to protecting youth and young adults from tobacco through a combination of taxes, access limitations and product regulations.
Robin Koval
CEO and President