Ritney A. Castine

Managing Director, Community and Youth Engagement

Truth Initiative


Ritney Castine has devoted his life’s work to the fight against tobacco products. He directs Truth Initiative’s Youth Activism program and Historically Black Colleges and Universities Initiative, training the next generation of tobacco-control leaders and advocating for the adoption of tobacco-free policies on college campuses.

Ritney gained acclaim and recognition within the tobacco-control community as a young leader doing battle with the tobacco industry on several fronts. In Louisiana, he was the Youth and Community Programs coordinator for the Louisiana Tobacco Control Program, implementing numerous community partnership grants. He has lobbied federal officials for FDA regulation of tobacco products and trained scores of advocates on how to plan effective anti-smoking events.

Prior to joining Truth Initiative, Ritney was associate director, Youth Advocacy for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, where he helped conceive and grow creative initiatives such as Kick Butts Day.