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How the tobacco industry uses sponsored content in major media outlets to shift public perception

The tobacco industry is taking advantage of marketing channels that are still open to them to remake their reputations by promoting their products as “safer alternatives” to smoking.

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Various Puff Bar and Velo Products

What is synthetic nicotine and what does it mean for the youth vaping epidemic?

Here are important things to know about synthetic nicotine and how companies are using it to try to evade federal oversight aimed to protect youth.

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Nicotine use and stress

Vaping nicotine can increase anxiety symptoms and stress levels. However, many tobacco users falsely believe tobacco products can relieve stress or anxiety.

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Broken Cigarette

FDA proposed rules to eliminate menthol cigarettes & flavored cigars will protect youth, save countless lives, end needless disease, and fight health inequities in America

Statement of Robin Koval, CEO & President, Truth Initiative

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Nicotine on Demand

Fourth annual report looking at tobacco imagery in entertainment finds rampant depictions in the year’s most popular shows, movies, and music videos, fueling the ongoing youth e-cigarette epidemic.

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Opioid Pill Bottle

The truth about opioids

The Truth About Opioids is helping young people understand the facts about opioids, the risk of addiction and the crucial role they can play in solving the crisis within their communities.

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